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Volunteer Opportunities

Bettering our community is a task that involves us all

Join our efforts

We are reaching out to the community to help us repurpose our “Throw-Away” products, and repurpose the lives of our families and neighbors in need, to give them a way to climb out of the negative situation they are stuck in now. You can join us on the journey of creating a better future for our children, and better the lives of everyone around you.

Want to help?

We are growing as a non-profit organization. We want to provide more help and contribute further to our community. To achieve this, we’re always in need of helping hands, and you too can be part of the process. No help is too little. You can volunteer your time, resources or donate to the cause

Need help?

If you’re in need of help and want to learn the ability to find your natural talents, and then to develop those talents to better our community, feel free to contact us. At Innovative Community Resource Solutions, we’re ready to help no matter what you’re facing. All communication is confidential and your information is never shared.

Ready to join the Efforts?

Are you in need?