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What we do

We create and cultivate new product lines by repurposing “throw-away” products, using our own natural resources that are currently not being tapped into. We are implementing this model developed in many countries around the world in our Flagler County Community with the intent of not only uplifting, but bettering the lives of people who have not had the opportunity to find out what their natural talents are, never mind the opportunity to find a job or career that creates an income a family could live on.

How we do it

We provide skills training and foster social entrepreneurship to create jobs within our most vulnerable populations, giving them a safe place to discover their natural talents and then to develop those talents to better our community. We create safe spaces where we give them tools so that they can exercise their creativity and make each restoration a unique piece.

1. Skills Training

Develop skills-training and foster social entrepreneurship to create jobs within our most vulnerable populations.

2. Upcycle and Recycle

Furniture and household goods transformed can create a wealth of resources for the community.

3. Natural Resources

Engage the community and create the opportunity for organic growth and the development of natural resources.

4. Business Partners

Develop the roadmap with local business partners to create full-circle intentional transformation in the community.

5. Volunteers & Industry Experts

Leverage to build the business from ground up with the local support of experts, entrepreneurs, craftsmen, and farmers

6. Intergenerational Programs

Empower and educate community on social entrepreneurship with programs from schools to retired seniors.

7. Consumer Consumption

The sale of natural, upcycled and recycled items to support the community and those most vulnerable.

8. Intentional Transformation

The deliberate strategies and systems that brings financial, environmental and social entrepreneurship across Flagler County.

Our Portfolio

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