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Repurposing lives and items requires resources and space. Our detailed building and fundraising plan outlines our step by step strategy to helping as many people as possible. Below we outline where we are at in each step of the process.
Currently we are seeking partners and community involvement to purchase a building in Bunnell to continue our expansion efforts for Innovative Community Resource Solutions. This building will be the home of our many community solutions including our furniture restoration projects, our classes and workshops, a storage facility to house donated beds, donated furniture, donated recycled goods, donated toys for our annual Christmas gift giveaways with Christmas Come True and more. This facility will serve as a beacon of hope for Flagler County and for those that may feel like they have no where to turn. Innovative Community Resource Solutions will act as a hub to bring together multiple charitable organizations in the community in order to help as many people as possible. We believe that with collaboration and NOT competition more things can be accomplished. Will you help us in bringing this vision to life?

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