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Our Mission

Imagine an environment that gives individuals a safe place to discover their natural talents and then to develop those talents to better our community.
We provide the necessary tools for makers, creators,innovators, and visionaries to bring their dreams to life.

We are a diversified peer to peer collaboration working to make a flourishing community of small businesses and careers. We believe in people and we believe that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make a positive difference.

A job that matters

We provide a safe place for individuals to learn a new trade, develop a skillset and learn valuable life skills. We provide a place to work, a safe place to learn, and most of all a place where people feel valued and have a purpose. We are working to solve the root cause of poverty and not only repurpose items but repurpose lives.

Our solution

We are developing a transformational business with the intent on creating new product lines by re-purposing our “Throw-Away” products into useful creative “new” products and developing and cultivating new products using our own natural resources that are currently not being tapped into.

Ready to join the Efforts?

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