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Innovative Community Resource Solutions

We are a non-profit working to provide the necessary tools for makers, creators, innovators and visionaries to bring their dreams to life. We are a diversified peer-to-peer collaboration working to make Flagler a flourishing community of small businesses. Furthermore, we give individuals the opportunity to pursue careers otherwise not available in Flagler County.

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Our Mission

Imagine an environment that gives individuals a safe place to discover their natural talents and then to develop those talents to better our community. We take lives and things and repurpose them for a purpose. We believe in people and we believe that with the right tools and knowledge anyone can make a difference.

Repurpose Lives

We provide skills training and foster social entrepreneurship to create jobs within our most vulnerable populations.

Repurpose Furniture and Goods

We take what would have been thrown away and repurpose it into something beautiful.

Consumer Consumption

The goods made by those trained at ICRS are sold to allow for the ability to continue positively impacting others in Flagler County.

We are a non-profit organization

helping our local community

By repurposing products we not only contribute to the environment, but we also enable new ways to get together as a community and help those in need. We work locally with the help of amazing volunteers and provide life changing resources to those in need in Flagler County.

Join us as a volunteer

Many times poverty stems from the feeling of helplessness. People feel helpless to help themselves, to change their situation. This can be rooted in circumstance, lack of knowledge or a cycle of bad habits. Either way, it can be overcome with the right tools and information. We need your help to provide those resources. Apply now to see where ICRS could best utilize your talents.

Our Progress

ICRS has been providing resources to the community of Flagler County out of a small building meant to fund the efforts of Christmas of True (a non-profit). We are looking to grow well beyond those walls in order to provide the necessary training, have the necessary space to house the donated furniture and provide a safe space for all to learn and build a repurposed life. In order to do that, we have certain financial and partnership goals that need to be met. Please help us in transforming more lives in Flagler County.

  • Goal $500,000 2% 2%

Community Collaboration

We are seeking individuals in the community to donate their change or simply provide a one time donation. Every dollar that is donated goes back into bringing Innovative to life, completing our building project and providing a safe space and the resources needed to help repurpose lives and resources.

  • Goal – 40 Partners 5% 5%

Become a Partner

We are seeking partners in Flagler County to join us in becoming a founding member and leader of Innovative Community Resource Solutions and allow us to enact real change in Flagler County.

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